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Councillor Edna Stevens

"I had always thought of myself as a Labour supporter but never got involved. Too busy I guess.  Having retired at 62 in 1996 I thought this is an opportunity to do something useful in the community.  I did voluntary work for Harlow Stroke Support and at an Adult Literacy class.  Later I also worked for The Chocolate Run which takes food and drink to the Homeless in London. 
Seeing so many people in such desperate need prompted me to feel I wanted to do something more effective than just giving them a cup of hot Chocolate and a sandwich.

I was impressed that when Tony Blair became Prime Minister he appointed a Tsar of the Streets to help get at least Hostel accommodation.  I started by just delivering leaflets but once you even start becoming involved you get so fascinated that you want to do more. 

So here I am in 2011 Chair of Harlow Labour Party and a Harlow District Councillor.

So if you have ever felt an urge to help folk, why not join me!"


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