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Chris Bryant right to highlight Tesco Treatment of Harlow Workers

Charlie Cochrane, Chair of Harlow Labour Party, said today:

“Chris Bryant was right to highlight Tesco’s treatment of staff in Harlow. We are grateful to Chris for getting a really important issue about employment rights back on the national agenda.

“Chris visited Harlow recently to talk to Harlow Labour Party members about migration and employment issues. One of the key issues we discussed with him was the closure of the Tesco Depot in Harlow, and the leading role Labour Party members, Councillors Phil Waite and Jacqui Cross, and of course Simon Vincent, who are the local officials of USDAW, the union representing Tesco workers, have been taking to stand up for employees rights”

Shadow Immigration Minister, Chris Bryant
Suzy Stride, Labour's General Election candidate for Harlow, said:

"There have been problems with recruitment practices at Tesco site for some years, and Suzy Stride, and former MP Bill Rammell, have worked hard with USDAW in try to protect the employment terms and conditions of local workers. Tesco’s decision to close down its depot here and move to Dagenham was a massive blow to workers in Harlow, many of whom simply cannot make the move. We need reassurances that everything is being done to help local people.

"What we need from this Tory-led Government is action to protect workers including stricter enforcement of the minimum wage.
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